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6 new resin models

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We've added 5 new Heads to our range:

  • Cup-head
  • Box-head
  • Pin-head
  • Braincase
  • Wearable facemask

and one new 3D Portrait:
  • 3D Portrait Tile
lifesize facestatue facemask [+]

To cheer you up for the holiday season, we thought we'd give you a make-over. All newly submitted facial profiles will now show a 'Beautified' version of yourself. 


Before BeautificationAfter Beautification


This is a statistical make-over, so - personal preferences aside - you're only 'statistically more attractive'.

 We've also changed the aging simulation from '20 years old', '40 years old' and '60 years old' to 'aged by 10 years', 'aged by 20 years' and 'aged by 40 years'. 


Not sure what to give for Christmas, birthdays, weddings, christenings, Valentines, anniversary, corporate gifts, mother's or father's day?

Want something memorable?

We never forget a face, especially not an immortalized ThatsMyFace one!

Capture the very presence of yourself, your kids, your partner, your relatives, friends and colleagues, and give it to someone special. Or get them a ThatsMyFace Gift Voucher so that they can do their own face or any other face of their choice!

Photos are so passé! Bring 2D photos and sculptured portraiture into the 21st century with ThatsMyFace.

If you have any last minute changes to make to your portrait photos whilst submitting them to ThatsMyFace, you can now use the integrated Picnik oline image editing tool.

Straightening up your face, removing red-eyes and adjusting the contrast or lighting are all now straightforward with Picnik. You don't have to bother with your desktop paint program, just upload your photos and do it all online in one go.


On your 3D face profile, by clicking on the Retouch and Edit icon, you can retouch your 3D faces and directly share them on Facebook, Picasa, MySpace or Flickr.

We'll be introducing a new model, Cup Head, for purchase soon.

It will feature your head on a marble-like stand with a cup-shaped cavity in the cranium. You'll be able to replace the front logo on the base with any image of your choosing.  

So depending on the model size you choose, inside the cranium cup you can fit a bottle, a glass, pens, flowers or... even another smaller Head (Come on! you know you want to ;-)



Purchase your FaceStatue

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Want a portrait sculpture of yourself or a loved one from just a photo? But you want to avoid going through this:

or pay thousands for a commissioned portrait sculptor?  

It's now possible with our gift selection.   

Our resin 3D Portraits are created out of a high-strength resin composite in full 24-bit color. 

Our 3D Crystals are made by lasering your selected face into a high-quality optical glass cube three-dimensionally. The process uses a high-precision laser to etch tiny details inside the glass.


You can also choose to make a 3D Portrait or 3D Crystal from an altered version of your face, such as your caricature, african version or older version etc.  

Choose from our full range of designs and sizes.

According to LiveScience, midly intoxicated people rated faces of both genders more attractive by about 10%. The research was carried out by Marcus Munafo at University of Bristol, UK. Featuro's attractiveness ratings aren't subject to biasing due to alcohol consumption - well, at least until our servers start sneaking out to the local pub!




AlterEgo, the facial performance division of animation studio Pendulum, has got a very cool demo of retargeting a facial motion capture sequence to 3 different faces. More examples on AlterEgo's examples page.



Check out the video: Video


We have just partnered with to provide you with bespoke comestic imaging. For a fee starting at £29 (~USD60), a trained forensic artist will allow see your face and body with different or enhanced features before undergoing surgical or non surgical procedures.

ChangeMyFace allows you to change anything from your nose shape to reducing the size of your tummy and offers you a bespoke service delivered with style and speed.


Try it now!

We have partnered with, mentioned earlier, to get professional photo retouchers to use the most advanced photo retouching software to enhance the way you look in your photos. All for only £4 (~USD8)!

Try it out


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