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Welcome to MyBlog!

Posted by: marc in myblog on


Thank you for using MyBlog!, the premier blogging tool for the popular Content Management System - Joomla!. MyBlog! is a feature packed, AJAX enabled replacement for the Joomla! Blog component.




 Among the features currently implemented are:

  • MyBlog! Dashboard
  • Quick search and linking of previous posts while writing a blog entry
  • Tags / Tagclouds
  • Easy image upload and browsing using MyBlog!'s own image browser
  • SEF friendly permanent links for each blog entry
  • Single-click publishing/unpublishing
  • AJAXed page view of my blog entries
  • MyBlog! Admin
  • Publishing/posting permissions
  • 3rd party MyBlog! addons support similar to Mambots
  • Jomcomment integration
  • Moderate blogs, tags/categories
  • MyBlog! Frontpage view
  • Browse blogs by keyword, blogger, or tags
  • Simple and easy view of all blog entries / my blog entries
  • Templating support
  • del.icio.usdiggspurlredditfurl social bookmarking support
  • Future features:
  • RSS feeds
  • Trackbacks
  • More ready-made templates
  • Community-builder support
  • Archived view of posts
  • and more...!

As part of our product improvement process, we would like you to submit any queries, suggestions, or comments regarding MyBlog! on our forums at

Thank you!

-MyBlog Dev Team.


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